New Hope Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Historical Sketch
1923 – 2023
1923 – 1953
  • Established under the Oak Tree:  Founding Families – Brother Felix Hagood, Brother Phinizy Hagood, Brother George Brown, Brother Hector Rivers and Brother Bennie Scriven
  • First Building – Board Frame Church construction by Saul Tolbert for the sum of $70.00
  • Pastors – Reverend BJ Kearse, Reverend McCray (State Evangelist) Reverend Heyward, Elder George Brown, Reverend Warren, Reverend Roger Williams, Evangelist Kinard, and Reverend Johnson
  • Ordained Elders and Deacons – Elder Hector Rivers and Elder Hezekiah Dore; Deacons – Felix Hagood, Aldrich Glaze, David Hagood, Bennie Lee, Cephus Allen, George Bing, Ellis Heyward, Milledge Pippins, Nathan Griffin, and James Washington
  • November 18, 1946 – Property was deeded to the church by Mr. John Trask

1953 – 1957

  • Second Building – Cinder block building was constructed (now known as JJ Jamerson Fellowship Hall)
  • Because of a grave misunderstanding within the church, the congregation split.  Pastor Johnson left along with some of the members and established Faithful Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
  • Reverend HC Capers was called as Pastor and served for two years
  • Brother Johnnie Williams, Brother Rhodell Horton, Brother Rollin Singleton and Brother Peter Doe were ordained as Deacons
  • Deacon Aldrich Glaze was ordained as an Elder

1958 – 1975

  • Elder Hezekiah Dore was called into the Ministry
  • Reverend JJ Jamerson was called to serve as Pastor of New Hope
  • Brother James Doe was ordained as a Deacon
  • A fellowship room was added to the building (kitchen)
  • New Deacons were ordained – Holland Griffin, James Griffin, Leroy Doe and Brother James Haygood

1976 – 1989

  • Deacon Bennie Lee was ordained as an Elder
  • Worship services were held the 2nd and 4th Sundays with communion
  • Quarterly Youth services were instituted
  • The Christian Men Fellowship was organized
  • The first church anniversary was celebrated the week before the 4th Sunday in January
  • Reverend Ozark Raine of Fort Meyers, Florida was the guest speaker for the week
  • New Deacons were ordained – Deacons Isiah Gadson, Joe W. Brown, Willie Singleton, Jr., David Hagood, Joe N. Jenkins and Herbert Glaze
  • Deacon Johnnie Williams was ordained as Elder
  • Brother Reginald and Deacon Jim Haygood were ordained as Ministers
  • The Children’s Choir was organized
  • The first Women’s Day Worship Services were held
  • The Young Adult Choir was organized
  • A banquet was held in honor of New Hop senior members
  • Due to his failing health, Pastor Jamerson appointed Minister Jim Haygood to perform his pastoral duties until his health improved

1990 – 1999

  • Reverend Jim Haygood was called as Pastor and served until 1993
  • Deacon Joe W. Brown was ordained as an Elder
  • Deacon David Hagood was called into the ministry
  • Organization of the Junior Usher Board
  • The Teen Forum, Annual Church Picnic, Church Youth Softball League and Quarterly Fun and Fellowship Night was organized
  • The church newsletter, “The New Hope Informer” was published
  • Deacons ordained:  Clyde Beard and Willis Mack
  • Reverend Charles Wright was called as Pastor
  • Family and Friends Week was instituted with the celebration of the Church Anniversary
  • New Hope Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) became incorporated
  • Church Constitution and By-Laws were adopted
  • Groundbreaking ceremony for the new (present) sanctuary
  • Pastor Charles Wright resigned
  • Reverend David Hagood was called as Interim Pastor

2000 – 2012

  • Reverend Edward L. Cushingberry, Jr. called as the first full time Pastor
  • Hosted the Regional Conference of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
  • Deacons Herbert N. Glaze and Willie Singleton, Jr. were ordained as Elders
  • Deacons ordained:  Willie McDuffie, Robert Sloan, Sidney Ladson
  • Clifford Johnson, Duke Washington, Sharon Beard and Bridget Collier
  • Acolyte Ministry organized
  • Drama Ministry organized
  • Men’s Bible Study group established
  • Petition to have a traffic light installed on Parris Island Gateway
  • The passing of First Lady Donna Cushingberry
  • Combined baptismal service for New Hope and Faithful Christian Church held at New Hope
  • Second Chance Clothing Outreach Ministry organized
  • Bread of Heaven Food Outreach Ministry organized
  • Twenty-Five (25) passenger bus was purchased
  • Capital Food Campaign and Commitment Services was held for construction of a Christian Education and Fellowship center
  • “The New Hope Academy” – an all day summer camp was organized
  • Dance Ministry revived and renamed – “Liturgical Dance Ministry”
  • Deacon Willie McDuffie was called into the Ministry
  • Evangelist Wanda Glaze was given the right hand of fellowship as a member
  • Minister Willie McDuffie delivered his initial sermon and received his license to become a Minister of the Christian Church of South Carolina (March 28, 2011)
  • September 29 – October 2:  Hosted the 8th Annual Regional Conference of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of South Carolina
  • Twenty-one families were added to the church family in 2011 (fifteen were baptized, one Renewal and five with Christian Experience)

This is a condensed version of the Church History.  A more detail history with specific dates of events is on file in the Church Office

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